MeldaProduction releases v16.02 of all MeldaProduction plugins

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MeldaProduction has announced the release of v16.02 of all MeldaProduction plugins, saying:

We are happy we can announce a new version of all our plugins. And because we offer free for life updates, it is also free for you. No matter if you have MCompleteBundle or just the MFreeFXBundle. Download the updated version now.

The full list of changes can be found here, but read on for the highlights:


The recently released guitar amp simulation has gained new amps (Ceres, Liber) and pedals (Blues OD, Keba fuzz).


Mixing drums within MDrummer got even more advanced than before. MeldaProduction added 4 utility buses to MDrummer’s mixer useful for mixing acoustic drums and a master track (1out version only). And you can use the drag & drop feature for effects in the MDrummer mixer effect pipeline.


Among all improvements, MSoundFactory got a new GranularSampler module. Now you can slice your samples into grains and play them back in dense grain clouds to create epic soundscapes and lush pads. Grains can be modulated in time, pitch, direction, size and much more. A harmonizer keeps all the grain in the scale of your music.

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