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DUSTONS.COM present to your attention the full pack of Analog Wavetables. We have been carefully collecting this pack for several years, creating and choosing top synths.

This pack contains over 1000 wavtabls from legendary synthesizers such as Acess Virus B, TI, TI2, ARP 2600, DX-7 ,ARP ODISSEY, MS-20, MICRO Q, MOOG Mini, MOOG Modular, MOOG SlimPhatty, Nord Lead, Oberheim OB-8, PPG Wave, Prophet-5, Roland JUNO 106, Roland Jupiter 8, Roland SH 101, Roland TB 303 and others. It will allow you to expand your imagination, create a unique sound, and most importantly, do it as quickly as possible, and without losing sound quality.

You can load these wavetables into VSTs such as Serum, Avenger, as well as any analog synth that supports it.

We wish you success in your creative work, but we will do our best to help make your production as comfortable, convenient and less expensive as possible.

License: For one USER.

All content is 100% royalty free.

SoundSet Details: ✘ DUSTONS WAVETABLES x 304

Number of patches: 304

Format: wave

Produced by: DUSTONS


Unpack the archive with wavetables to any place convenient for you. Use wavetables for their intended purpose – let’s say, load them into the Serum synthesizer or VPS Avenger, well, or any analog of synth that supports loading analog of wavetables.


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