Atmos & Pads Nord Lead 3 SoundSet



DUSTONS.COM is proud to release “Atmos & Pads“, a unique Clavia Nord Lead 3 / Nord Rack 3 SoundSet with chill and dreamy pads, specially prepared for your productions.

Inside you will find 128 expertly designed presets, that will help take your tracks to the next level. Each of these presets have been carefully crafted by top sound designers to give you the quality that the pros use!

Buy this pack and add some atmosphere into your tracks today!

Genres: EDM, POP, TRAP, Hip-Hop, R&B, House, Trance, Techno, Ambient and more.

License: For one USER.

All content is 100% royalty free.

SoundSet Details:


Number of patches: 128

Format: Clavia Nord Lead 3 / Nord Rack 3 (.syx)

Requirements: DAW software programs – Cubase, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Protools, Clavia Nord Lead 3 / Nord Rack 3

Produced by: DUSTONS

Installation guide:

1. To be able to receive a MIDI SysEx Bank file via the MIDI In of Clavia Nord Lead 3 / Nord Rack 3 you must first select and erase the content of the Bank you want to replace. Select Bank to erase with the ROTARY DIAL. Press the RIGHT NAVIGATOR button twice to erase the selected Bank and prepare for MIDI SysEx reception to the selected (erased) Bank. Note: pressing the RIGHT NAVIGATOR button the second time will permanently erase the content of the selected Bank. Make sure you don’t erase Programs that you want to keep!

2. Now, all Programs of the selected Bank are erased and Clavia Nord Lead 3 / Nord Rack 3 is waiting for the MIDI SysEx dump to be received. Initiate the dump at the sending device (another Nord Lead 3, a MIDI sequencer or SysEx Librarian). As the MIDI SysEx reception proceeds, the names of the Programs and their memory locations are shown in the DISPLAY. When the dump reception is complete, the DISPLAY shows the last received Program Press the SYNTH button or any NAVIGATOR button to exit.

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